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Content Ideas to Boost Your Engagement



Content Ideas to Boost Your Engagement

Creating content week in, week out, can be tough. Not only can it be difficult to keep your content fresh and new, but it is another challenge within itself to keep it interesting and engage your organic audience and beyond.

In marketing, engagement is important as it fixates on the crucial relationship between the brand and the customers that will choose you over your current competition, and in turn, keep your brand afloat. In order to acquire and retain these customers, it is important that you are producing content that is consistently connecting with them.

You may be wondering then – well, what types of content should I be putting out there to ensure that people are engaging with my brand? Well, we have curated a list:

Ask a question

Asking your audience a question is usually bound to elicit some responses. Not only is this going to boost your engagement, but it also gives you the opportunity to get to know your audience more. You can ask them anything, from their opinion on a particular topic, ‘would you rathers’, ‘this or thats’, to even what their favourite colour is. This is also a great way to learn what you could be implementing into your future content.

Behind the scenes

Let’s face it – all of us can be a bit nosy, and I don’t know about you, but I thoroughly enjoy getting to see things about a brand or a company that we wouldn’t usually. It also shows your audience a side of your brand in ways that your usual content can’t – the humanity of it, and it also gives you the opportunity to connect with your audience and build a rapport with them in a deeper way.


Not only are they a great way to give back to your audience, but contests or giveaways are also a great means to boost engagement. Often, to participate in these, your audience is required to interact with your account and your posts. This can include the likes of following your account, sharing the post, liking the post and commenting on it – all of which boost your page’s engagement rates.

Fill in the blank

Playing ‘fill in the blank’ is a fun way to drive comments to your post and get interactive with your audience. This is effective as people do like to be asked questions and share their opinions.

For example – you could ask:

‘Fill in the blank: my current favourite brand of 2022 is _____’

‘Fill in the blank: my new year’s resolution is _____’.

‘How to’ videos

‘How to’ videos are a great way to captivate your audience and beyond as people love content that is both engaging and educational. If you post this type of content often and it is enjoyable, then people are much more likely to follow you or return back to your page for more.

Repurpose high performing content

Really, this can just be as simple as checking your analytics to see what content you have posted has done well in the past, why, and reposting the same type of content. You can build on this type of content or repurpose it, and it is likely that your audience will enjoy it, too.

Share a blog post

Blog posts – hello! – are a great means of offering a more in-depth discussion with your audience. They also allow you to be more informative and can contribute to your website’s SEO. On top of this, if you allow users to leave a comment on your blog post, or the ability to share the post, this can gain more traction to your web page and encourage more visitors, as the search engine can determine the webpage as active and alive. And what does more visitors mean? Potentially more conversions!

Trending topics

Utilising trending topics as content ideas are a fantastic way to boost engagement as they’re essentially a documentation of progress and experimentation and give us the opportunity to connect with people at this very moment in time. Similarly, it ensures that the content you’re posting is relevant and adds further value to the discussion at hand. If the trending topic is more serious or more sensitive – for example, a human rights movement – it also gives you the opportunity to further connect with your community and show that you care.

How’s your engagement game? If you feel that you could be doing with some help, why don’t you reach out to us at Artemeis Media today – the content and media management experts!

Content Ideas to Boost Your Engagement