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Welcome to Artemeis Media

We understand – growing a business, or a company of your own can be difficult. That’s why our team at Artemeis Media is here to help you.

We at Artemeis Media offer bespoke, quality content and media management services for our customers. Why choose us? Because we will go above and beyond to understand who you are, what your voice in the market should be and how to get yourself heard by your clients, tailoring our service specifically to your needs. 

Our company – whose name is inspired by Artemis, Greek goddess of the hunt and the moon – came to fruition when we considered what the brand endeavoured to do for others, which is, in essence, to provide the essential ‘bow and arrow’ for your company in order to strike the target that you wish to achieve.

Whether this target is growing your business’s social media or transforming your webpage for better user experience, our experienced team of web-designers, marketers, graphic designers, video editors and writers are proactive, creative, and agile in their abilities to transform your brand’s digital presence. In short: we exist to make your brand shine at the forefront of your competitors and drive your business where it needs to be steered to boost your sales targets.

our values

Honesty and Integrity

honesty and integrity

Honesty and integrity are key ethics for us working at Artemeis Media. In order to ensure upon a consistent and fruitful relationship with our clients, it is not only important to us that you trust us to exceed the industry’s standards, but also to set realistic expectations for us as a team and yourself as a brand.


At Artemeis Media we are incredibly fortunate to be operating within a close-knit and harmonious team of excellent individuals with a wide variety of skillsets. The synergy of our team is achieved through the vital combination of clear communication; leadership; task delegation; decision making; creativity and mutual accountability.




Our job is not just a ‘job’ to us. Instead, working amongst our team and with clients brings a meaningful part to our lives. The passion we have towards what we do incites a boundless energy to do our best for you at all times.

more than a partner

We want to work with you – not for you. We place emphasis on working as partners as this allow us to fully engage and listen to the wants, needs or concerns that you may have. Once we have all of these on board, this grants us the ability to remedy any potential issues you have and transform your brand’s digital presence accordingly..

more than a partner

principal team

Gemma Grieve

I am a prolific writer who has studied Practical Journalism and Scottish Literature. Since completing my degree, I have become enamoured in the digital marketing landscape, and I am responsible for writing all SEO-optimised copy on behalf of Artemeis Media.

Moritz Reitz

web design
After finishing my Marketing diploma in Germany, I moved to Glasgow and began working as a freelance Web Designer and Developer. With around three years of experience working in Digital Marketing, I can guarantee to positively transform your brand's digital presence.

Anna Rownicka

graphic design
Communication design is extraordinary practise. I am always focused on speaking emotions with all my designs. After 3 years of graphic designing and over 7 years of photo editing experience, I believe that great designs come from asking the right questions.